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Boredom Produces Energy Drops

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Yesterday was a very unsatisfactory one. I got bogged down in non-productive computer stuff despite having a “to do” list. I had good intentions but there’s not much point in having a list if you’re going to ignore it.

I spent a lot of time fiddling with Twitter and found my energy dropping as I got bored and wasn’t achieving anything. I struggled to break out of the funk though. The key, I’ve found, is to move as soon as I notice my energy dropping because the longer I leave it the harder it gets to shift. I resisted this yesterday which resulted in a deeply unsatisfying experience. So I’m keen not to repeat it today which got me thinking about why we so often find it hard to do the things that are good for us and stick with those that aren’t. Which got me thinking about the stuff about emotions in What the Bleep. So I’m going to go and watch the video again . . .

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The more I watch the internet marketing “gurus” the more my I wonder whether there’s any chance for success if you’re not a raving extrovert, young and male – all things I am not, incidentally. You’d think from all the videos out there that 3 these characteristics are essential. Mind you, I suppose if you are hugely successful at internet marketing and also an introvert, you’re not likely to be splashing yourself all over web. Not much chance of being a “guru” if you’re hiding away though.

The age thing’s another interesting phenomenon too. There are numerous references to how brilliant these young people (usually male again) are who’ve made a fortune from the web by the time they’re 30, or even 20. Actually I’m much more impressed by people post 60 who’ve been able to grasp the technology and concepts and make a success of the whole thing. Many’s the time I’ve wished this stuff was around when I was in my 20s. My poor, slower brain would have “got it” much faster in those days.

So the next question is “do I care?” Well I suppose I must do to some extent since I’m writing this post. However, I have no desire to be a “guru”, I don’t plan on turning into a raving extrovert any time soon but I would like to meet the challenge of being very successful at internet marketing. So where does that leave me? What are my chances?

Well, I think I’ve proved to myself that trying to achieve success by following the conventional routes isn’t going to work for me. However, if I don’t create a bit more of a plan this website won’t get very far since already I’m feeling that it’s a bit all over the place. Not easy to create a plan though when I’m not clear what exactly it is that I want to achieve. So, maybe it’s a time to do some brainstorming around that and also around what I don’t want. I’ll let you know how it goes . . .

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Praise Makes You Brave

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One of Barbara Sher’s little gems from the Scanners Retreat was “Praise makes you brave”, the idea being that by praising other people you make them braver. Today I learned that it works the other way too.

Refuse to Choose
by Barbara Sher

Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dream

I woke up feeling pretty low this morning. (I usually do). And when I checked my emails there was one from one of the women who was at the Retreat. Basically she’s hit a bit of a slump because she doesn’t like her job but isn’t in a position to leave it just yet.

I started writing a reply feeling that I wasn’t going to be much help as, as I mentioned, I was feeling pretty low myself. I thought I could write a couple of tips to deal with the backlog of work but not much else. However, once I started writing, I noticed my energy lifted as I started to write positive words of encouragement for her. So much so, that I took out the initial reference I’d made to my own low mood, before sending the reply.

My day started in my hoorumph state but has quickly moved on to my feeling positive and motivated. So I think I will make this a part of my morning routine in future – to make a real connection with someone, especially if I can offer words of encouragement and praise.

Praise does indeed make you brave!

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What The Bleep Part 1 – Intro

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Since this was one of the influences that got me started on this blog I thought I’d go back, rewatch and record my thoughts . . .

I suppose you could say my life story has been about finding a way to live my life that works for me. Noting unusual in that I suppose. Something we’re all engaged in albeit not necessarily consciously. But for me it has been a big issue. Many of the “big” life questions have puzzled me over the years and my inability to answer them has, at times, contributed to the depression I have suffered and, at other times, made life a joyful and intriguing one. Stumbling across “What The Bleep Do We Know” reminded me of my fascination with layman’s quantum mechanics and how that applies to how I live my life.

Many fundamental life questions are posed in this video but the 2 that spoke to me most were:

“what shall we do?”
“have you ever thought about what thoughts are made of?”

The former because, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m at a point in my life of deciding what I want to do next. The latter simply because I find it to be a very intriguing question.

It is explained that we are creatures of the time we are born into and that every age has its hidden assumptions. Many of the things we take for granted, may or may not be true. History tends to show that much about what we believe about the world now is shown not be true at a later point.But we’re locked into ideas that lead to assumptions and we’re not aware of it.

Part of our conditioning is to believe that the external world is more real then our internal one but quatum science seems to say just the opposite, i.e what’s happening within us creates what’s happening outside us. This idea has led to the popularity of the best-seller The Secret.


My Story Marketing – For Real

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I’ve been watching some videos by Jimmy Davis who was talking about “my story marketing” as a specific marketing technique. ¬†Funny really, as this is what I want to do, but for real. (For examples of where this is used simply for marketing purposes see sites like and, and and What I mean by that is I want to build a business around what’s currently happening in my life. And, at the moment that’s about finding a new direction.

I did something similar about 10 years ago when I started a newsletter and website documenting my recovery from depression. The result was an ebook called ‘7 Steps to A Depression Free Life‘ which, even though I haven’t worked on the site for a number of years, still sells today. I didn’t set out to sell anything but I got so many questions about my personal experience with depression I decided to write the book. In fact, I wasn’t in a position to write it when I first started the newsletter because, at that point, I was still in the process of recovery and was trying to work out a strategy that worked for me.

And that gives me hope that maybe I can create a business from where I am now in my life, from what I’ve learned along the way and from where I go from here. I’m quite keen to create some sort of vision for where I want to end up, so I’ll know how I’m progressing but, at the same time, I want it to be flexible enough to allow me to adapt as things change.

Telling a personal story is a very powerful marketing technique, even when the story is made-up, so when the story is real it ought to be even more powerful, right? Well, I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

So why am I doing this? Why not just write a blog and be done with it. Well, as I said in a previous post I just don’t seem to be able to walk away from the attraction of internet marketing. But, at the same time, I’ve incredibly bored with what I’ve been doing and I’ve not even been covering my expenses. So this is an experiment. Can I move my life on and create a profitable business whilst keeping it fun and motivating? Money has never been a sufficient motivation for me but “beating the system”, i.e. being a bit of a rebel, is. I’ll explain what I mean by that in a future post but right now I need to take a break from the computer.

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