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It’s the end of October and, therefore, the end of ‘30 Writes in 30 Days‘.

So, how did I do?

Well, not as badly as it may seem to readers of this blog. Although I only wrote 5 posts here I’ve been setting up my new blog Gillian Pearce Painting and Stuff and wrote 6 posts there plus a couple of other bits on clients’ blogs. So, including this one I managed 13 “writes” and that’s 12 more than the previous month!

But . . . it wasn’t much of an experiment really. Just a confirmation of how these things usually go for me, i.e. I make a grand gesture which seems good at the time and then loose interest. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Just that I didn’t learn anything new. I could have tried to make myself write more I suppose but I wasn’t really that bothered. But . . . I am curious about the balance between letting things unfold and making things happen, something I’m specifically exploring in relation to my painting. To that end I’m playing with moving in the direction of making some money from “art”.

Please visit the new blog and sign up to receive updates if you’re interested. I suspect I’ll be writing there more frequently than here but we’ll see.


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