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Life Is Won Inch By Inch

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Just what I needed this morning. A reminder that “life is won inch by inch” and “the inches we need are around us everywhere”.

Use what you have right now. Take the next small step and keep moving forward.

Thanks to Nick Smith for drawing my attention to this inspiring video.

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The Simple Wonder of it All!

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I’m sitting in a cafe, enjoying a capucchino when I read:

“People say that what we are all seeking is a meaningful life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking.
I think what we are really seeking is an experience of being alive”.

– Joseph Campbell

An I am reminded of another of my favourite quotes:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and then go do that.
Because, what the world needs is more people who have come alive.”

– Harold Thurman

My mind drifts off as I gaze out the window and I ask myself “what makes me come alive?”

I answer:

The Simple Wonder of it All . . .

I notice yellow bricks on tall buildings and red bricks on tall chimneys and glass in windows so we can see out and I marvel at how we learned to create that. From caves to tall buildings that don’t fall over and have sloping roofs made from different materials from the walls and ornamentation for no other purpose than to make them look fine.

And then there are the cars – black ones, white ones, green, sliver ones and a red and yellow double decker bus where people can sit on two different levels, one above the other. Engines and gears and wheels and metal and rubber. And I marvel at how we learned to do that. From walking slowly on 2 feet to speeding around in metal miracles.

And then I notice the sea crashing onto the beach. The timelessness of it. The power. The constancy. The beauty. And my mind spins off to the miracle of being alive right now, right here, in a universe of wonderous galaxies and gazillions of stars.

Bloody hell. I’m gob-smacked!

What makes me come alive?

Simply noticing this. Just this!

Wow! Wow! A billion, trilllion times wow!

so . . . (cough, cough) . . . what makes YOU come alive?

Fell free to post a comment and let us know . . .

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Kenny The Renegade Monk

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One of the things I love about having a blog is I get to write about anything and anyone I like. And Kenny Moore has been in my favourites list since I came first came across him, some years back, when I was creating my site Leadership Matters (no longer in existence).  I was intrigued by his story – he’d been a monk for 15 years and, at that time, was working as Corporate Ombudsman and Human Resources Director for a corporate organisation  in NYC. He’d survived “incurable” cancer and open heart surgery and later went on to write ‘The CEO and the Monk: One Company’s Journey to Profit and Purpose‘, with his Company Chairman.

61X69KH93DL._SL160_The article that first drew me to him was one on employee recognition which you will find in the following post The Mr. Hatch Award. He created a scheme that was inspired by the children’s book “Somebody Loves You Mr Hatch”. And I was very inspired by his creativity and courage to try something radically different in a large corporation. I was also intrigued to discover the ending to the book, which isn’t revealed in the article so I went out and bought it and it became a firm family favourite – ‘Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch (paperback)‘ I mean, not ‘The CEO and the Monk’ although I’m sure that’s very good too!

Anyway, during that time, Kenny and I emailed back and forth a few times and then I stopped focussing on leadership coaching and our correspondence went quiet. Then, a couple of months ago, I came across his new website and signed up to his email list. This morning I received his latest letter to The Times and decided to post it on my blog because, again I found it inspiring. I love his creativity and his rebel nature.

If you enjoy it you want want to visit his site and sign up for his newsletter or attend one of his free teleseminars.

Here’s the letter in it’s entirety:


Beloved Friends;

The Pope has recently invited members of the Anglican Church who are unhappy with women Bishops and Gay priest to join the Catholic Church. Below is my recent letter to the Editor of the New York Times. Enjoy.


Catholics and Anglicans: Some Unintended Consequences
By Kenny Moore

(Moore is a former Catholic priest and co-author of “The CEO and the Monk: One Company’s Journey to Profit and Purpose”)

For the last twenty years, I’ve worked in corporate America. Prior to that, I spent fifteen years in a monastic order as a Catholic priest. Oddly enough, the work has proven to be quite similar, though the Incentive Plans varied greatly. I left the monastery because I wanted to get married. Now that I’m married and raising two teenagers … I’d like to go back. And presently it seems all I need do is join the Anglican Church. According to the recent announcement from Rome, I’ll even be able to bring my wife along. Unfortunately, there’s still the problem of the kids. The monks often said that the Almighty has a wicked sense of humor.

With one wave of the Vatican’s almighty hand, Anglicans who don’t like women bishops or gay priests are now welcome in the Catholic Church. Even their married clergy can come along. But there might be one small difficultly. These disenfranchised Anglicans will now be sharing the pew with a growing number of disenfranchised Catholics: folks who are increasingly pushing for women’s ordination and a more Christian response to the gay community. And don’t be surprised if the priest celebrating Mass is himself gay. They haven’t disappeared, you know. They’ve only gone underground to survive the Witch Hunt of the present Administration.

When the Bishops recently requested that Catholics start returning to the confessional, it didn’t seem to improve the numbers. Likewise, their PR program “Welcome Home” hasn’t moved the masses to return to the fold. Perhaps the broader Catholic community knows more than the hierarchy. The Church leadership continues to be hostile to gays, indifferent to women and intolerant of the meddling laity. The recent sex scandals have only confirmed the people’s suspicions: the hierarchy is not to be trusted. Bishops believe it’s better to have a diocese declare bankruptcy, as Wilmington, Delaware and others have recently done, than release documents revealing their ethical malfeasance. A growing number of the laity is looking to leave, but hasen’t had a place to go. This may all be changing.

What the Vatican may not have realized is that in opening the door to the Anglican Church, that door swings both ways. Why wouldn’t our gay Catholic priests switch to a religious group that treats them with dignity and respect? Even the straight priests might be willing to cast their lot with a liturgical tradition that at least allows them to marry and have the support of their wives, since they seem to get so little of it from their Bishops. Women, who continue to make up the vast majority of church-goers, might also stop complaining to an all-male clergy for equal rights, and embrace the Anglican way of celebrating their gifts as a valid ministry? The Pope’s recent decision could just prove to be the “Law of Unintended Consequences” played out in a divinely mischievous way.

And wouldn’t it be refreshing for Catholic couples to finally find a religion that allows them to be in harmony with their Church’s teaching on birth control without having to wait for the onset of menopause?

While Rome’s at it, how about inviting those disenfranchised Mormon polygamists over to our side as well? The number of their kids alone would boost Catholic school enrollment tremendously.

And what about extending another free pass to those bonus-laden Wall Street Execs? The Vatican could always use some help with its cash flow, and buying Indulgences might be just what’s needed to reinvigorate our faltering global economy.

I’m sure we could get President Obama to endorse it as part of his Stimulus Package. Even Tom Friedman might cast a favorable vote. I’m less sure about the Dalai Lama.

While I’ve never been a big fan of Rome, I’m already liking this Anglican thing a lot. It may be one of the few Papal pronouncements I’m willing to support.

Kenny Moore
Kenny Moore Consulting, LLC
Author of ‘The CEO and the Monk’
41 Battle Ridge Trail
Totowa, NJ 07512


Follow the link above to find more of Kenny Moore’s stuff.

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I Meant To Do That

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Received this email from my coach yesterday. I have put it in my “remember this” file which I use to remind me of what’s truly important to me, when I get bogged down in details, or my story, or start to feel low. Hope you enjoy the message and the song. I’m off to write my “I meant to do that” list . . .

Dear club members,

For years, I thought of creating this club for people.

For years. I meant to do it, but didn’t.

Then there was a moment in my life when I was just raised up…like my father would lift me up as a tiny boy…

I was raised up, almost into the air. By a single thought.

The thought was: “no more”: … no more will I ever have anything I meant to do but didn’t. No expression of love. No secret longing to write a mystery novel. No more “I meant to do it but never did.” Never again. Ever.

So imagine my feelings when I played this song sent to me by a club member last week. A song called “I Meant To Do That.” Please listen to it.

Love to you all,


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Dancing The Human Connection

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I’m such a softie 🙂 Suddenly became aware of people looking at me this morning. They were concerned I was upset because I had tears in my eyes. Not so. I was watching the video below and was thinking – aaaaaaaah . . .

Amazing to think these 200 people only had 2 rehearsals!

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