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Tap into Your Sense Of Wonder

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I’ve enjoyed watching Tim Freke’s videos this week and pondering the wonder of life. In this one Tim describes how the Hubble telescope was focussed on a little spot, at random, in the night sky that looked like it was empty. But inside the spot,  the size of a pin prick, they found 14 galaxies, each one containing millions of stars.

And, he says, “if you live to be 80 you’ve got about 4000 weeks to work that out so what’s the most insane thing that anyone can believe – that they know what’s going on”.

Most of us are so unconscious we dont’ notice the most obvious thing about our predicament . . . that it’s profoundly mysterious. Whether or not Tim’s views make sense to you or seem like complete gobbledygook it’s worth taking some time out just to ponder on and appreciate the miracle that is life.

Have you armoured yourself against the mystery? Can you watch with an open mind?


What The Bleep Part 1 – Intro

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Since this was one of the influences that got me started on this blog I thought I’d go back, rewatch and record my thoughts . . .

I suppose you could say my life story has been about finding a way to live my life that works for me. Noting unusual in that I suppose. Something we’re all engaged in albeit not necessarily consciously. But for me it has been a big issue. Many of the “big” life questions have puzzled me over the years and my inability to answer them has, at times, contributed to the depression I have suffered and, at other times, made life a joyful and intriguing one. Stumbling across “What The Bleep Do We Know” reminded me of my fascination with layman’s quantum mechanics and how that applies to how I live my life.

Many fundamental life questions are posed in this video but the 2 that spoke to me most were:

“what shall we do?”
“have you ever thought about what thoughts are made of?”

The former because, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m at a point in my life of deciding what I want to do next. The latter simply because I find it to be a very intriguing question.

It is explained that we are creatures of the time we are born into and that every age has its hidden assumptions. Many of the things we take for granted, may or may not be true. History tends to show that much about what we believe about the world now is shown not be true at a later point.But we’re locked into ideas that lead to assumptions and we’re not aware of it.

Part of our conditioning is to believe that the external world is more real then our internal one but quatum science seems to say just the opposite, i.e what’s happening within us creates what’s happening outside us. This idea has led to the popularity of the best-seller The Secret.

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