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My energy levels are neutral this morning – a rise from yesterday first thing. And as the dust has settled I find myself asking again “What is it I truly want”?

I started this blog as an experiment to try and discover what to do next with my life. Through a variety of twists and turns I came back to coaching. And now, I’m  not sure again.

It looks a bit like being back at the beginning but, of course, it isn’t. Life is not a straight line. Or even a circle. It’s a spiral. So maybe I have circled back to the left side, which is where I began, but I am still at a higher level.

So . . . on with the enquiry . . . “What is it I truly want”?

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Just Decide! It is not the action that is confusing you, it is the thought you hold on that action. You are powerful, and what I know about you is that what you determine to do, will get the benefit of having your entire heart and soul. I noticed this quote on your wall “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

So experiment!



Thanks for the reminder Nick. I love experimenting!

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