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What Are You Waiting For?

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I am becoming more and more aware of all the waiting I do in my life.

At the beginning of last week I exchanged a few emails with Ed on the mentoring programme and felt confused as a result. Rather than check out what I understood by them I made assumptions that kept me stuck and waiting for Friday when I was anticipating the week’s webinar would clear things up.

I was right about the clarification but not in the way I’d imagined.

One of the key points of the webinar was to fail in the field rather than in your head. To stop trying to work everything out, in other words, and to stop waiting for perfection. But just to get on with it.

I realised then that what Ed had been saying earlier in the week was not, as I’d thought, to do more research but was instead, to just get on and use the research I’d already done. Because I was looking for perfection and trying hard to get it “right” I was failing in my head and not taking action as a result. So, feeling inspired after the webinar, I just got on with it and put up my new internet marketing coaching website, warts and all. And that got me to thinking how often we fail in our head instead of in the field of life.

When we don’t take action and get out there, all we’ve got are the thoughts in our heads and fears in our bodies. We have no idea if what we imagine would happen is true or not. Without testing our assumptions and taking action we are stuck. Waiting. But what are we waiting for – more money, more time, more motivation, more energy, more courage?

Sitting around waiting for those things, or thinking about them, is never going to attract them to us. We have to create them by taking action.

So, today, ask yourself what you are waiting for. Where are you failing  in your head?

Then, make a decision to go for it anyway, despite your fears, despite not knowing how it will turn out and take immediate action towards it.

Please leave a comment and let us know how you get on.

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Back to Making Money On The Internet

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Received an email from Howie Schwartz this morning and found myself watching one of his promotion videos which led to his latest internet marketing offer. However, as I read the sales page I noticed my energy drop. It felt like a waste of time and just another thing that wouldn’t work. Not because there’s anything wrong with Howie’s stuff but because I’ve tried so many approaches over the years and not been able to make them work.

Even so, I was struck by the fact that however much I try to move away from making money on the internet I always seem to be drawn back in.

As I was reading the sales page I was applying what I was seeing to my latest internet business attempt – – which left me feeling totally uninspired. But then I thought – “what if I applied this stuff to this website” – and suddenly I was excited about it again.

However, not wishing to spend yet more money on an internet marketing product that I might not use, I made an agreement with myself to not buy unless I actuallty got some content on the site first.

It’s taken me all day, a long walk, a procrastinating nose around the shops and finally a trip to the local cafe, armed with paper and pens, but I finally did it. Now I can buy my treat. I’m hoping that it will have a step-by-step plan included that I can follow because I have so much information already I don’t know where to start.

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