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Finding Life Purpose – Day By Day

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Since writing my blog post on finding your purpose, I’ve been rereading Gregg Levoy’s book – Callings. I went to  a seminar of his 8 years ago and was surpirsed to see that the things I’d written in my notes then were pretty much what I’d write today, with the exception of wanting to live somewhere else. This maybe suggests that these were indeed “callings” that I was getting in touch with.

In my earlier post, I mentioned the idea that we may have a choice in respect of finding life purpose. Similarly Gregg Levoy notes: “Calls are in our minds, big, and we feel we have to respond in a big way, which, of course, can be paralyzing. It is therefore important to remember, first, that a call isn’t something that comes from on high as an order, a sort of divine subpoena, irrespective of our own free will and desire. We have a choice“.

Also, “few people actually receive big calls, in visions of flaming chariots and burning bushes. Most of the calls we receive and ignore are the proverbial still, small voices that the biblical prophets heard, the daily calls to pay attention to our intuitions, to be authentic, to live by our own codes of honor”.

“The great breakthroughs in our lives generally happen only as a result of the accumulation of innumerable small steps and minor achievements. We’re called to reach out to someone, to pick up an odd book on the library shelf, to sign up for a class even though we’re convinced we don’t have the time or money, to go to our desks each day, to turn left instead of right. These are the fire dirills for our bigger calls”.

I find relief in the idea of “innumerable small steps”. It is something I can do now and ties in with living my life on purpose even when I don’t know what it is I want to do. Having said that, I notice that 3 days have passed since I wrote the post about my 4 week experiment about getting on with life when you don’t know what you want. And, although  I have taken some action on using the opportunites that are in my life now, to consciously enjoy the present and create the future, I have been consistently ignoring the small still voice that is calling me to have more coaching conversations.

Today I will step up and attend to that voice that I am pretending not to hear.

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So much has been written about finding your purpose, discovering your true passion or living your calling and, over the years I’ve read many books and articles and attended seminars in the hope that I would discover just what, exactly, my true purpose is. I somehow thought that if I knew what this mystical thing was I could then dedicate my life to it and live happily ever after. But, I see now, that that seeking was a subtle form of abdicating responsibility.

Unconsciously, I was acting from a wish, if I could only find my soul purpose, I wouldn’t have to choose what I wanted to do. My calling would tell me what to do and I wouldn’t get it wrong. There’s an external feel to this – something outside of me that calls me to it. Something separate from my self. But, I suspect, that true purpose has to arise from within. Not be pulled in from outside.

So, that seems to leave me with 2 choices. I can wait until I’ve done the inner work and have discovered what my calling is or I can get on with my life and choose an, apparently, less grand purpose that develops and changes over time. I say “apparently” because I have it mentally set up that finding your purpose is a big deal and should lead to such lofty goals as world peace or otherwise changing the world.

Interestingly, when I mentioned to my coach that “all” I seemed to be up to at the moment was mothering, being in a relationship, being a friend etc., his response was “Proud and admirable purposes, all. They inspire courage, creativity and spirit”. Yet, to me, they often don’t seem enough.

“You don’t find your purpose, you create it”, he says. “Or you don’t. And you don’t have to”.

So, having freed myself from the finding your purpose diversion, I will get back to creating my life. I will shift my focus to answering the question – “what would I enjoy doing?” and then experiment with the answers.


This little gem on the subject amused me – “Lancelot told Arthur that he heard Camelot’s call from far off France. He was called to the Round Table. But was he? Or did he choose it? He could have gone fishing in Scotland instead”.

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I have come across this question – “What do you intend to use your life for”? – a number of times in the last couple of months but it was only this morning that I got it’s connection to life purpose.

I spent many hours in the past searching for my life purpose, as though there was one pre-ordained mission for me to complete that, if I didn’t find it, would mean I had somehow missed the point of my life. This is a common interpretation for many people who are involved in any spiritual discipline, religion, personal development or empowerment programme. When I didn’t find this one all-encompassing thing, I gave up looking and have felt totally turned off ever since, by anything that asks “What is your purpose”?

But whilst enquiring into my life through the victim/owner distinction I saw that a better question would be “What do I intend to use my life for”? Even better than “what do I really want”? since intending to use my life puts me firmly in the driving seat of my life and this creates my purpose. I’m already using my life. It is current, I just need to check I’m using it consciously and for something I truly want to create. Whereas thinking about what I want seems to put me in a place of not yet having/being something. Intending to use my life is an internal thing whereas wanting something is external.

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