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Life Is Won Inch By Inch

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Just what I needed this morning. A reminder that “life is won inch by inch” and “the inches we need are around us everywhere”.

Use what you have right now. Take the next small step and keep moving forward.

Thanks to Nick Smith for drawing my attention to this inspiring video.

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Who Am I? With a Twist

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I was getting a bit bogged down this afternoon and growing dangerously close to struggling again so came to my blog to have some fun. But, horror of horrors, I didn’t have a “fun” category. So decided to rectify that immediately.

Dipping into my Inspiration file, I chose this video to start the ball rolling. Never fails to make me laugh.

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Tap into Your Sense Of Wonder

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I’ve enjoyed watching Tim Freke’s videos this week and pondering the wonder of life. In this one Tim describes how the Hubble telescope was focussed on a little spot, at random, in the night sky that looked like it was empty. But inside the spot,  the size of a pin prick, they found 14 galaxies, each one containing millions of stars.

And, he says, “if you live to be 80 you’ve got about 4000 weeks to work that out so what’s the most insane thing that anyone can believe – that they know what’s going on”.

Most of us are so unconscious we dont’ notice the most obvious thing about our predicament . . . that it’s profoundly mysterious. Whether or not Tim’s views make sense to you or seem like complete gobbledygook it’s worth taking some time out just to ponder on and appreciate the miracle that is life.

Have you armoured yourself against the mystery? Can you watch with an open mind?


I Meant To Do That

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Received this email from my coach yesterday. I have put it in my “remember this” file which I use to remind me of what’s truly important to me, when I get bogged down in details, or my story, or start to feel low. Hope you enjoy the message and the song. I’m off to write my “I meant to do that” list . . .

Dear club members,

For years, I thought of creating this club for people.

For years. I meant to do it, but didn’t.

Then there was a moment in my life when I was just raised up…like my father would lift me up as a tiny boy…

I was raised up, almost into the air. By a single thought.

The thought was: “no more”: … no more will I ever have anything I meant to do but didn’t. No expression of love. No secret longing to write a mystery novel. No more “I meant to do it but never did.” Never again. Ever.

So imagine my feelings when I played this song sent to me by a club member last week. A song called “I Meant To Do That.” Please listen to it.

Love to you all,


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Stop Trying To Break Bad Habits

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Most of us have had the experience of trying to break a “bad” habit but I wonder how many of us have had the experience of succeeding. We start with the best of intentions but soon find ourselves lapsing into old ways and, often, we end up feeling worse about the situation because now, not only do we have the “bad” habit but we’ve also failed at trying to change it. Trying to break a habit always has an element of force to it and, let’s face it, we don’t like to be forced to do anything so, sooner or later we are likely to rebel.

When I’ve wanted to change a habit I have found a much more successful way to approach it is to replace what I want to change with something better. “Bad” habits are formed because they serve us in some way. So, for example, I regularly fall into the habit of eating more refined sugar than is good for me. This takes the form of cakes or chocolate in the afternoon and then again after dinner. Partly, I think this is an energy thing and also a reward thing. I like cakes and chocolate.

When I label this habit as bad, and then try and give up the cakes and chocolate I’ve found that I end up feeling deprived and don’t succeed. But, in the times I’ve changed my focus from stopping eating cakes to eating 5 pieces of fruit a day before I eat cakes or chocolate, I’ve found that I’ve succeeded in cutting down and then eventually cutting out these foods. The fruit takes care of the energy side of things and allowing myself the option of eating cakes and chocolate should I so desire, albeit after the fruit, takes care of the reward side of things.

This video show’s a great example of how to change undesirable behaviour with something better by changing the focus to something fun that will replace it.

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