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    Enjoy The Ride

    A beautiful video that reminds us that life is a wonderful journey to be savoured. Click image below to watch video.

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    Improving Goals Setting Success

    Throughout my life I’ve had a mixed experience in relation to setting goals. I’ve tried numerous strategies but, until recently, none of them worked very well. During the times I felt I should knuckle down and focus I set rigid…

  • Creating My Life

    Live For Today

    I’ve had a very full on couple of weeks – lots of internal working and questioning of beliefs, stepping up to try new things and enquiring into the question “What do I intend to use my life for”? I’ve been…

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    There Are No Unimportant People

    Recently, I’ve been reading The Joy Of Selling by Steve Chandler. It’s not at all what I imagined it would be and to my great surprise I am thoroughly enjoying it. If it wasn’t written by Steve I wouldn’t have…

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    Man On Wire

    I just loved this film. The photography is fantastic but the story is even more amazing. Philippe Petit decided he would walk on a high wire between the two towers after a seeing a picture of them during their construction.…