An Impossible Goal

28 Day Challenge

There’s 28 days until I fly back to Phoenix and to the final weekend of The Coaching School and I want to draw together all that I’ve leaned so far and set myself a new challenge.

When I got back to the UK in July I was creative, brave and playful. And high energy. I followed the twists and turns of my process through the Coaching School, sometimes feeling low and others excited and then landed, most recently, in a place of giving up trying to make things happen.  Here I found a lot more peace and a deal of appreciation for what I already have. But I also felt reactive rather than in charge. So now I’m going to experiment with combining the two.

I want the energy of playing big combined with the peace of living in the moment. I want commitment to a goal but without attachment. I want to live from no history. Just today – anew! Just me and My Way. Whatever this game of life is or isn’t, I’m going to play My Game by My Rules.

To give me some structure to make this easier I’m going to do Michael Neill’s Creating the Impossible Challenge again. That way I will have a focus each day so, if I get stuck, I can more easily get moving again.

These are My rules:

  • I will not struggle nor suffer.
  • If it’s not fun I will find a way to make it fun or not do it.
  • I will not care what others think of me.

My Impossible Goal is:

To enrol 10 people on my 6 month coaching programme called – ‘When You Don’t Know What You Want – Make It Up!’

That seems pretty impossible from here since the programme doesn’t exist yet. So it’a a good choice.

Part of the challenge is to take 100 steps towards your impossible goal so this is Step 2 – announcing my commitment on my blog. Step 1 was announcing my commitment to the Coaching School group.

Expect more soon . . .