30 Writes

A Big Step Story Bites The Dust

Gillian Pearce PaintingsLast Friday I started writing this blog post with the words “I took a big step forward today in the possibility that I might, one day, sell my paintings.”

Hmmmmm. Not true really. All I did was take some paintings to a friend who’d offered to photograph them for me. That’s it. That’s all I can truly say about it.

It’s only a big step if I choose to see it that way.

It’s only connected to selling paintings if I choose to see it that way and project into the future. It does seem a logical connection, mind you, since the intention is to get them photographed and then add them to a Print On Demand site. But that may never happen.

Without the stories I make up around this simple action all that remains is a bunch of paintings sitting in an office waiting to be photographed. Even that I don’t know for sure. Maybe they’ve already been photographed. Maybe they’ve been stolen and are no longer in the office. Maybe someone’s spilt coffee over them and they’re now ruined (or improved ha, ha!).

When I stop to notice I am amazed at how many stories we weave around and through our lives. It makes me smile.

On Friday “I took a big step forward”. Just four days later I’m surprised I ever saw it that way.