Life Unfolds

A Week Later

Wow! I can’t believe it’s a week since I had my coaching session with Michelle Pippin. Things have moved fast since then. For example, I’m sitting in a hotel room in Phoenix writing this, a slightly surreal experience partly due to jet-lag and partly due to the pace that things are moving.

As I mentioned, I am considering restarting my coaching practice but what I didn’t say was that I was also considering attending Steve Chandler’s coaching school. Michelle was SO positive about her experience of the school and the results that it had helped to produce that I decided there and then to see if places were still available.

Long story short, I emailed Steve to ask. He emailed back – “I have one place available. I enjoyed reading your blog posts!” and I signed up. I did’t realise quite how mad this was until a friend asked me on Sunday what form the seminar took and I realised I knew nothing about it. All I know is that you spend 2 days with Steve and 8 other coaches. Then have 6 months email coaching with Steve and the other coaches in the group and then meet up again with everyone for another 2 days.

My decision was made on my gut feelings about Steve after reading and listening to his stuff on the web and on my impression of the work the coaches he’s coached are doing. This is what Michelle had to say in a email she sent after our coaching call: “Bottom line: if you CAN attend this event, I want to encourage you to do just that. You won’t find a better coach than Steve. He will hold you accountable to your potential. He won’t hold your hand, but he will empower you to RISE UP to become your own “best self”.”

I do so need someone to hold me “accountable to my potential”. I am weary of playing small.

Then after I’d signed up, in response to my emailing “I’ll let you know what happens next . . .”, Michelle responded with: “I already know what happens next…. YOU step into the fullness of life and business and self that you were created to occupy. YOU walk away “on fire” for creating a life and business you love and are supported for a full six months to make sure inspiration leads to implementation!! Steve is a catalyst for this….The group will be phenomenal and YOU will be forever changed.”

Powerful words indeed and, not surprisingly, I’ve experienced a powerful rollarcoaster of emotions since – excitement, fear, weariness, incredulity that I could take such a financial risk (cuz at times that what it feels like), excitement, fear, detachment, fear, self-doubt, excitement, fear – you get the picture. But, whatever happens, I’m here now. Seminar starts tomorrow and as I said to Michelle . . . “I’ll let you know what happens next . . .”.