Creating My Life

Are You Living The Good Life?

Richard Leider, author of The Power of Purpose, interviewed many people whom he knew to be very successful, about what constitutes “the good life”. The common threads he found were that these 3 conditions were being met:

1. You are living in a place where you feel you belong.
2. You’re in strong and loving relationships at home, at work and with yourself.
3. You are doing work that you were truly meant to do in an environment where you fit and are contributing to something you believe in.

Since I first came across them (thanks to Jim Manton for introducing me) my life has improved considerably in relation to the last 2, in particular.

I was already living in Brighton which I love, so I had that one nailed.

Relationships were pretty good as well although I could do with more “at work” ones. I’ve moved from working on my own in front of a computer all day to working with clients so that’s an improvement but my practice is not yet full and, also, I’d like to run some big workshops with other coaches. My relationship with myself is improving but I could definitely be more loving and less judgemental of myself.

Regarding the third condition, that wasn’t being met at all, just a couple of months ago. But now by returning to coaching, I am creating more of this on a daily basis. I’m experimenting with what I want my working environment to look like and learning how I an contribute more.

So, all in all, I’m living much of “the good life”. How about you? What have you got sorted and what needs attention? Are there other conditions, besides those above, you feel you need before you can say you are truly living your “good life” and, if so, what are they?