Back to Making Money On The Internet

Received an email from Howie Schwartz this morning and found myself watching one of his promotion videos which led to his latest internet marketing offer. However, as I read the sales page I noticed my energy drop. It felt like a waste of time and just another thing that wouldn’t work. Not because there’s anything wrong with Howie’s stuff but because I’ve tried so many approaches over the years and not been able to make them work.

Even so, I was struck by the fact that however much I try to move away from making money on the internet I always seem to be drawn back in.

As I was reading the sales page I was applying what I was seeing to my latest internet business attempt – https://remodelingideasetc.com – which left me feeling totally uninspired. But then I thought – “what if I applied this stuff to this website” – and suddenly I was excited about it again.

However, not wishing to spend yet more money on an internet marketing product that I might not use, I made an agreement with myself to not buy unless I actuallty got some content on the site first.

It’s taken me all day, a long walk, a procrastinating nose around the shops and finally a trip to the local cafe, armed with paper and pens, but I finally did it. Now I can buy my treat. I’m hoping that it will have a step-by-step plan included that I can follow because I have so much information already I don’t know where to start.