Creating My Life,  Poems

Today I Choose To Write

After two hours of diversionary tactics —

A phone call
Some emails
A load of washing —

I finally sit in the chair,
Pen poised on paper
And I hesitate.

I am scared.

Scared of putting myself “out there”
Scared of what you might think of me
Because the writing may be

Too long
Too short
Too revealing


J u s t   P l a i n   D u l l.

But, what other choice is there?

Ignore the impulse.
Ignore the call.

Stay forever comfortable
While life’s potential continues to beckon
And I look the other way.

— Not today

Today I will be done with mediocre.
Today I will write fearlessly.


I Choose

. . .  sitting in the chair
Pen moving

— I write.