Working Better

Create A Fearless Plan For Your Day

It is easy to live a distracted life of chaos, where I feel swamped and I’m suffering in so many small distracting ways, and soon I’m a victim.  That is the easiest way to live.  That is the easiest way for humans in our society to live:  to be swamped, to be overwhelmed, to be overworked, to feel like a victim. And suffer.

Especially those of us who have our own businesses, because when we have our own business, we really could work 24 hours a day.  Or so we always think. We would have plenty to do.  If we could find a way to stay alert and awake for 24 hours, we would work 24 hours.  We wouldn’t run out of things to do.  But that’s the problem. It is being indiscriminate, it’s being unwilling to have a ruthless, focused powerful plan. Like a magnifying glass in the meadow in the summer focusing a sunbeam on a dry leaf. THAT would be my most successful day.

But we get distracted. Our fears tug at our hearts. Small fears. Like “I might upset him if I don’t call him right back.” Soon I am lost. Distraction. It’s the biggest problem anybody-especially anybody having their own business-the biggest problem anybody has.  Because if you work for someone else, there will be some structure there and there will be some other people monitoring your every move, so that they make sure you’re on course.  But if you work for yourself every moment presents a whole new choice.  You can do anything at any given moment. And very few people are committed enough to success (or awake enough to how it happens) to create a fearless plan for the day. But that’s the real answer right there: create a fearless plan for your day. Then work it with great heart and wisdom and love.

Author: Steve Chandler from Club Fearless