Deciding For Myself

Just returned to my hotel room after Day 1 of Steve Chandlers coaching school. It did not disappoint. Steve is insightful and funny and a pleasure to be around and my fellow attendees are an interesting group of people whom I’m excited to be working with for the next 6 months.

The main take away for me was noticing, again, my tendency to want someone else to tell me what to do or even that I can do it. Whatever “it” is. I’ve been aware of this tendency for years but have still been looking to others for guidance/permission. But what’s the use of someone telling me I can do something if I don’t believe it myself? That’s not going to change anything so, I hereby declare that from now on I am committed to consciously deciding for myself – to choosing what I want for myself and taking action to make it happen.

Tomorrow we have to tell the group what we’d like to achieve in the next six months and receive feedback on that so I’m going to take my notebook and my coloured pens and play around with some ideas.