Life Unfolds

Do What You Love

“Business is all about doing what you love and finding a way to make money doing it versus studying lame business tactics which usually results in some money and a lot of unhappiness” – Tellman Knudson

I like the philosophy behind this quote but, as seems to be the pattern for the moment, I’m back to the question – what do I love to do?

I’ve asked myself this on numerous occasions over the years and never really found one satisfactory answer. At times there are many things I want to do but they are usually replaced with other things. (The price you pay for being a Scannner I suppose). And, other times, like now, I struggle for any ideas.

Thinking about this yesterday I realised that, in the past, most of the changes in my life or new ventures have started as a result of 2 things – I’ve either been so bored with what I was doing I was compelled to make a change (usually moving to a different country!) or, someone I’ve met or been introduced to made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’m just not the type of person who cares passionately, about any one thing, for long enough to make it happen. More of a “let it unfold” type of girl, me.

So . . . instead of trying to work out what I want to do next I’m going to put myself in front of as many opportunities as possible, spend more time around people and less time on my own with the computer, and see what unfolds.

I’ve been listening to “I hope you dance” in the background. Brings tears to my eyes. That’s the legacy I’d like to leave my children, well, the world really. It’s hard to believe I can feel like this today after feeling so rubbish at the weekend.

And going back to my strategy to avoid the downward spiral of mood I’m making a coffee date with someone I’ve been meaning to meet up with for yonks. Good reason to get out of bed – spend more time around interesting people.