Life Unfolds

Integrity Equals Energy

This morning I have been busy. Some of my busy was good. Catching up with friends who were keen to know about my experiences in the States and thereby reinforcing my commitment. Some was OK but mistimed like catching up with admin that needed doing when this was not the biggest priority. And some was poor, i.e. reading emails that didn’t need reading, surfing the internet and being distracted.

My current number one action goal is to write a blog post each week day and I have been avoiding that today. I’ve been avoiding it because it takes courage to write from the heart. All my fears about being judged, not doing it well enough, having nothing to say, bubble up and I let them stop me writing.

To write I need to be still.

Breath . . . but still nothing comes to me.

Maybe this is enough. Maybe I am enough . . .

This is funny.

When I was in the process of writing the second paragraph of this post the phone rang. The man on the other end asked – “Can I speak to the person responsible for the energy bills, please?” I said “That’s me” and he put the phone down.

I then changed the title of this post from “Why is it so hard to write?” to “Integrity Equals Energy”.

D’you get it?