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Can Introverts Be Successful at Internet Marketing?

The more I watch the internet marketing “gurus” the more my I wonder whether there’s any chance for success if you’re not a raving extrovert, young and male – all things I am not, incidentally. You’d think from all the videos out there that 3 these characteristics are essential. Mind you, I suppose if you are hugely successful at internet marketing and also an introvert, you’re not likely to be splashing yourself all over web. Not much chance of being a “guru” if you’re hiding away though.

The age thing’s another interesting phenomenon too. There are numerous references to how brilliant these young people (usually male again) are who’ve made a fortune from the web by the time they’re 30, or even 20. Actually I’m much more impressed by people post 60 who’ve been able to grasp the technology and concepts and make a success of the whole thing. Many’s the time I’ve wished this stuff was around when I was in my 20s. My poor, slower brain would have “got it” much faster in those days.

So the next question is “do I care?” Well I suppose I must do to some extent since I’m writing this post. However, I have no desire to be a “guru”, I don’t plan on turning into a raving extrovert any time soon but I would like to meet the challenge of being very successful at internet marketing. So where does that leave me? What are my chances?

Well, I think I’ve proved to myself that trying to achieve success by following the conventional routes isn’t going to work for me. However, if I don’t create a bit more of a plan this website won’t get very far since already I’m feeling that it’s a bit all over the place. Not easy to create a plan though when I’m not clear what exactly it is that I want to achieve. So, maybe it’s a time to do some brainstorming around that and also around what I don’t want. I’ll let you know how it goes . . .