30 Writes,  Life Unfolds

Is It Really OK To Let Things Just Unfold?

It’s day 4 of  ’30 Writes in 30 Days’ and the more discerning among you will have noticed that there didn’t appear to be a “write” for Day 3. Except, of course, you probably never gave it a thought, your having your own lives and all that.

This is what I was aiming for myself, not having to “give it a thought” but simply letting the writing arise.  However, yesterday I fell off the wagon, so to speak. Suddenly I was thinking and thinking about needing to write something. The whole experiment had become an object in it’s own right, a “thing” to be thought about and controlled. And, not surprisingly I found no inspiration. Maybe I’ll put that on a painting:

“Thinking is an Inspiration Killer!”

I even woke up in the night thinking about what not writing or writing meant and thinking about thinking. First thing I dashed off an email to a friend who has joined in the challenge saying:

“I seem to have turned this ’30 Writes in 30 Days’ into a thing. Kept waking up in the night and thinking about it. It’s not supposed to be like that at all. It’s just supposed to flow!

I seem to be trying too hard to think of something to write. Dog with a bone stuff.

Am going to have a shower and wash my hair. Then breakfast and then maybe a bit of vacuuming and, hopefully, it will lose it’s grip and I’ll feel inspired again. But I guess the trick is being Ok with not feeling inspired . . . except that’s just a load of different thinking. Sigh!

Back to basics . . . I seem to be stuck in my thinking but it’s OK. It will pass.”


That last sentence is the key. It’s one of the valuable lessons I have learnt from the Three Principles:

  1. once I really get caught up in thinking about a particular problem/situation I won’t find a way out through my thinking and
  2.  if I just let it be, the thinking frenzy will pass of it’s own accord and peace and inspiration will return.

This morning I have shown that to myself again. Just the shower was long enough to let my thinking settle. I didn’t need the breakfast or the vacuuming! Inspiration has returned and “write” number 3 has pretty much written itself.

This is what I’m noticing more and more. It really is OK to let things just unfold. Inspiration is always there, waiting to be acted upon. More and more I’m noticing how simple, wonderful and exciting life can be when I pay less attention to the thinking that’s accompanied by stressful feelings and more attention to what I feel inspired to do when my thoughts are calm.

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