It’s Never About How

I’ve been very stuck again today. Drifting from one thing to another without conscious intent. Waiting for something to happen to get me into action.

Eventually I moved. Got away from the computer and came outside. And now I am in a local cafe, writing. Not with the computer but “proper” writing with pen on paper. And I wonder how many times I must learn this lesson – to move away from the computer when I start to feel myself drifting. To do something different when my energy starts to drop. Ah well, I’m here now and that’s what counts.

Yesterday I signed up for Michel Neill’s ‘Create The Impossible in 30 Days’ program. The idea is you choose an “impossible” project to take on this July which you believe you have a less than 50% chance of success within the 30 days of the program.  Yesterday I was energised by the sheer audacity of my goal but today the “who do you think you are?”/”get real” voices are clamouring for attention and my energy has plummeted.

I am bogged down in the “how to” of the goal – how can I possibly achieve this at anytime, let alone in 30 days? – but I am reminded that it’s never about the “how to”. It’s always about the “want to”.  So what I’m really saying is “I don’t want this goal”, yet. So does this mean I’m not ready for the goal? No, it means I’m not committed to it. So I need to recommit and then take some  action that demonstrates this commitment.

Are you letting the “how to” of a goal stop your progress? If so, ask yourself if you really want it. If you do recommit and take action. If you’re not sure then let it go for now and move on to something you really do want.