Creating My Life

What Do You Intend To Use Your Life For?

I have come across this question – “What do you intend to use your life for”? – a number of times in the last couple of months but it was only this morning that I got it’s connection to life purpose.

I spent many hours in the past searching for my life purpose, as though there was one pre-ordained mission for me to complete that, if I didn’t find it, would mean I had somehow missed the point of my life. This is a common interpretation for many people who are involved in any spiritual discipline, religion, personal development or empowerment programme. When I didn’t find this one all-encompassing thing, I gave up looking and have felt totally turned off ever since, by anything that asks “What is your purpose”?

But whilst enquiring into my life through the victim/owner distinction I saw that a better question would be “What do I intend to use my life for”? Even better than “what do I really want”? since intending to use my life puts me firmly in the driving seat of my life and this creates my purpose. I’m already using my life. It is current, I just need to check I’m using it consciously and for something I truly want to create. Whereas thinking about what I want seems to put me in a place of not yet having/being something. Intending to use my life is an internal thing whereas wanting something is external.