Looking For The Positive

I didn’t write a blog post yesterday. And, although I’m only just starting out and have only a few readers, someone noticed!

Now I’d like to think I could say “I didn’t write a blog post yesterday. So . . . shoot me”. But actually I’m experiencing a whole range of emotions from panic (that I’ll never write again) but hang on a minute I’m writing so, “phew”, I’ve got that one covered. To, fear that I’ve got nothing interesting to say and even if I had, someone else has said it better.

Then there’re the voices in my head that run along the lines “you never stick at anything”, “nobody wants to read this stuff anyway”, “who do you think you are”, blah, blah, blah. But if there’s one thing in life I’ve learnt it’s that beating yourself up is a complete waste of energy and serves no purpose other than to make you feel like **** and keep you small.

So, let’s look for the positive in this:

I didn’t write a blog post yesterday and someone noticed. Hoorah, hoorah. Someone’s out there reading and cares enough to tell me they missed my post. That’s brilliant since this is so new.

I get to adjust my strategy a bit.  I was advised before I started, to have 30 posts in reserve for days when I couldn’t write,  but I thought – “nah, don’t need that”. Hmmmm. Maybe I could do with a few.

Adjusting my strategy makes the whole process more interesting. It demonstrates I’m learning which is one of the key things I want more of in my life.

And I’m having fun writing this – another thing I want more of in my life.

So, who’d have thunk it! I didn’t write a blog post yesterday and I’m celebrating.

Ain’t life grand?!!!!