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Michael Neill’s Ultimate Time Management System

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Michael Neill’s Creating the Impossible in 30 Days’ although I haven’t had much time to do many of the exercises as I’ve been busy with “work” from the Coaching School. So, appropriately, I’m going to spend the day experimenting with his Ultimate Time Management System.

The idea behind it is that time is not something you have or don’t have. You are the source of it. You make as much of it as you want.

And the system works like this:

1. Take 2 pieces of paper
2. On the first page write “The only thing I have to do today is . . .”
3. On the second page make a comprehensive list of everything you want to get done in the next week or so. Include, all you regular “to dos”, everything you’ve got to do for work and at home,  as well as the things you think you’d like to do if you had more time.
4. When it’s time to do the things on your list just choose ONE item. Choose the one that appeals to you most and write it on the first page. Do it as though it’s the only thing you have to do today.
5. When you complete it cross it off both lists.
6. Choose the next thing that appeals from the second list and transfer it to the first page.

And keep repeating.

When I first heard this my mind went straight to the place of “this won’t work because I’ll  never do the things that I don’t want to do but have to be done”. But the other possibility of course, is that when it really needs to be done it will the one that most appeals because I will want to relieve the stress of the consequences I would face if I didn’t do it.

We’ll see. I’m off to play now.

Leave a comment and let us know how this system works out for you . . .