Life Unfolds

More Standing In The Gap

Standing in the open gap
I feel uncomfortable
I feel confused

Sometimes I am open hearted
Sometimes I am fearless
But most of the time am I my old self
With beliefs that no longer fit

It is a place of not knowing
A place of becoming
A place of living into

And in the moments
When I glimpse the possibilities
I feel blessed
I feel joy

I am alive
I live


  • emma

    Hi Gillian – did you write this? It perfectly describes that place – I feel like I’ve a toe or two in the gap – scary but liberating. Thank-you for being brave enough to share – it really helps. xx

    • gillian

      I did. I did. I wrote it. SO glad you liked it. Feeling proud now. And thanks for being the first person to comment on my blog 🙂