Creating My Life

Officially Retired

Gosh! Bit of a landmark day this.

Tuesday is my official “working” day when I go to the co-working space I love to “work” in. Today I turned on my laptop and, for the first time for more than 15 years, the websites I use to check my business stats are no longer available. Last week I discontinued the web hosting for more than 200 sites and that’s it . . . business over.

This moment has been coming for the best part of a decade. I’ve thought about stopping it numerous times and have also done the opposite. I took on Ed Dale (highly sucessful internet marketer) as a coach and created my internet marketing coaching year website to tell the story. Looking back now I can see that I was trying to get someone to make me do something I didn’t really want to do. However, at the time, I couldn’t hear that I didn’t want to do this anymore.

One thing that kept me going for so long was because I didn’t have anything else I wanted to do and it felt too scary to just let go and see what happened. I was concerned that without any structure at all I would revert to my days of depression.

These days I have given up looking for a “project” or a “job” and more easily enjoy my life as it is. So, apart from when I am thinking otherwise, I don’t need an external label to cling on to. I just enjoy each day and let them unfold.

Funnily enough, since I decided to finally let the web business go, I find myself involved in a couple of projects that didn’t even exist a couple of weeks ago.