Life Unfolds

Progress Report – June

It’s been over a month since I started this blog so I thought it would be a good time to take a look back and see how things are progressing. Right from my initial post on May 7th, I’ve been writing to try and get clearer about what I want to do next and about what I could build a business around. Also, back in that original post I was wondering to what extent I was willing to “go public”.

Well the latter question has at least been answered. Over the last few days I’ve decided I’m ready to “come out of hiding” so have started adding my blog to the blog directories and will write some articles for the article directories, when I have time.

In relation to the question of what I want to do next, I’m beginning to move in the direction of restarting my coaching practice. I’m not totally sure at this point but am hoping to be clearer about that by this evening. More on that later . . .

Overall, my mood has improved considerably and I put that down to truly making a commitment to change. See my intention versis commitment post for more on this as this is a critical breakthrough. But that breakthrough only came about because I followed through on putting the strategies in place I described in my post – the trick is to get out of bed.

In the post do what you love I stated that I was going to put myself in front of as many opportunities as possible and I’m pleased with my progress on this. I went to the Mike Southon talk, even though I didn’t feel I had the energy and that resulted in my being offered a mentoring session by him at a later date, I’ve stopped watching television mindlessly and I’ve joined Club Fearless which led to the unexpected bonus of my having a coaching session with Michelle Pippin this afternoon. With her help I hope to get clearer about whether or not to restart my coaching practice.

Most importantly, perhaps, I’m beginning to reconnect with some of the fundamentals that make life exciting again. Hoorah!

So, where I am currently is . . . Committed to making changes in my life . . . which are evidenced by:

1. Writing a blog post every week day to help me stay aware of the process, learn new things and share them.
2. Taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves to me even when they take me outside my comfort zone.
3. Replacing mindlessly watching television with consciousess, more inspiring choices about how I spend my time.
4. Going for a walk every day.
5. Taking a step each day to further publicise my blog.
6. Listening to/reading inspiring stuff each day, especially if my mood starts to drop or I start to get scared.

Please feel free to comment and share your own list of things you’re committed to. You’d be surprised how powerful “going public” can be.