Life Unfolds

My Return To Coaching

Well I didn’t get to play around with any ideas because by the time we’d had dinner, I was ready for bed. I loved being around the other peeps in my coaching group though. This is a positive manifestation of something I’ve been wanting – to spend more time around people who want to play a bigger game and who inspire me. So, seems like using this blog to get clear about what I want and then creating that is definately working.

I awoke at 2.00 a.m. this morning and had a major breakthrough but can’t for the life of me remember what it was. I didn’t want to get out of bed to write it down because I thought that might keep me awake but, as it happens, I didn’t get back to sleep anyway so I might as well have done. This sleep deprived, jetlagged state is having an interesting effect. I seem to be in that just waking state, where clarity often happens, much more than usual. Anyway whatever the breakthrough was it doesn’t matter because I’ve had another one. 🙂

I was concerned that I would go back to the UK without an action plan. I wanted something to be working on, other than just my process, when I returned. But everything I thought of felt manufactured and not natural. I was puzzled as to how I could turn this ‘blogging to my new life’ process into something I could work with with coaching clients. What would I say I was doing and how could I explain how that would help them?

Then I just decided that I would run a workshop for 100 people around the topic that everything you need to know to move forward  in your life is in your right now – as long as you take action and are willing to tell the truth.

I can design a workshop around that, using my own experience for inspiration. This will get over the problem I was having with how I would have “coaching conversations” with perspective clients. I just couldn’t envision that but I can imagine a workshop that has been created from my own experience.

So, there you have it, when I share with the group later, what I want to achieve in the next 6 months, I have something to start with that excites me and feels right and more importantly, reflects where I am in my own life right now. That takes away alot of the fear and allows me to be more authentic.


4.30 p.m.

Well, the workshop is over and what a wonderful experience it has been. I’m really excited about the next 6 months.

Jim Manton gave a talk about the work he does with transitions and transformation and his description of the people he works with exactly matches my dream clients. He also acknowledged my courage for turning up at the workshop, not really knowing what to expect but taking the risk of answering a calling. I felt really validated by that.

Sharing what our goals for the next 6 months was a toughy for me. It was hard to listen to the others who had concrete numbers that they wanted to achieve, either in terms of income or new clients and I had to fight to hold onto what I’m trying to create. But I decided to use this opportunity as another test of my commitment to step up and speak my truth.

I stood at the front of the room, to face my fear of being seen, and shared my goals for the next 6 months. I had to stop a couple of times to let my tears subside but I did it. Stepping outside my comfort zone was the important bit. The quality of my performance was incidental.

I was surprised that Steve mostly focussed on the commitment of writing one blog post a day with less emphasis on the workshop idea. It’s hard to imagine that one blog post will be enough but I’m happy to go with that and continue to record the process and look at some of the quatum stuff again. Actually, the first thing he pointed out was that I had shifted from considering the idea of returning to coaching to making a commitment to making that happen.

One of my 6 month goals is to be earning money for my coaching services before my return to Phoenix in December. Whether that will be via a workshop or in individual clients has yet to be determined.

So . . .  now I’m waiting for 5.30 p.m. when 3 of us will be going into town for dinner. Then 2 more days here and then home.