Creating My Life

Schedule Time or Miss Your Life

About a week ago I mentioned returning to the enquiry of “what is it I truly want“? I did take some time to mull that over and this is what I came up with:

1.  Time with family
2.  Time with friends
3.  Adventure
4.  Learning
5.  Time with inspiring people
6.  Spontaneity, the unexpected, synchronicity
7.  Fun

I started to schedule some time in my calendar for these things but then the redesign of the blog and my coaching practice took over and I left that particular task uncompleted.

This has just reinforced how essential it is to actually block out time on your calendar for ALL the things that are important to you.  It’s just too easy to get caught up in a couple of areas of your life and the other things get missed. Paradoxically, I find this to be especially true when I’m really enjoying something.

So, having decided what it is I want to create, the next step is to decide what time frame I want to place these things within. For example, do I want an adventure once an hour, once a day, twice a week or once a year? Do I want to spend time with inspiring people on a daily basis . . . weekly . . . monthly?

Then having done that block out time in your calendar, both for the event itself and for planning the event, if necessary. So for example, under my travel heading I’ve decided I want to take a major trip of at least 2 weeks, once a year;  a trip of at least one week, twice a year and have 4 weekends away per year.

I know I’m going to be returning to the Coaching School in Phoenix in December and I’d like to make that the major trip. So that’s going to take some planning. I’ve blocked out the trip itself on my calendar and one hour a week for 4 weeks to get the trip planned and booked. If I find that those 4 hours are not sufficient I will add more in 4 weeks time.

I went through this process with the other things I want to create more of in my life and made sure to leave plenty of gaps to allow for shifting things around due to the unexpected and to allow for spontaneity.

I plan to briefly revisit this every Monday morning (which is in my calendar, of course) to make adjustments as necessary.


  • Simon Dance

    Hi Gillian,

    I’m completely where you are coming from, and need to start blocking time and being strict about it.

    It’s so easy to turn on the laptop, get out the note pad or fire up Skype when in fact I should be making more time for friends and family or just realising what I want out of life.

    Thanks for the great post… really helpful.


    • gillian

      Glad you found the post helpful Simon.

      That turning on the computer thing is a big one to deal with for many of us. Once I get into more of a rhythm with the blog I plan on having computer free days. As it is I have started planning exactly what I am going to do on the computer, first thing in the morning, before I fire it up.


  • jillflorio

    Wow, we are alike there. I have a serious problem of ‘just in case’ as well.

    It’s a LOT easier to think, ‘she should just get rid of those old notes’ than to realize that I have to do that also.

    Or maybe after I die someone can just recycle it all. 😛