Quantum, Brain and Other Shananigans

Tap into Your Sense Of Wonder

I’ve enjoyed watching Tim Freke’s videos this week and pondering the wonder of life. In this one Tim describes how the Hubble telescope was focussed on a little spot, at random, in the night sky that looked like it was empty. But inside the spot,  the size of a pin prick, they found 14 galaxies, each one containing millions of stars.

And, he says, “if you live to be 80 you’ve got about 4000 weeks to work that out so what’s the most insane thing that anyone can believe – that they know what’s going on”.

Most of us are so unconscious we dont’ notice the most obvious thing about our predicament . . . that it’s profoundly mysterious. Whether or not Tim’s views make sense to you or seem like complete gobbledygook it’s worth taking some time out just to ponder on and appreciate the miracle that is life.

Have you armoured yourself against the mystery? Can you watch with an open mind?