Life Unfolds

Skating On New Ice

This week I am noticing a certain low grade anxiety arising – sometimes when thinking about specific things and sometimes it’s just in the background. I am waking in the early hours of the morning, feeling fearful.

As I continue to take action on the Internet Marketing project I am aware of an inner unease. There is change afoot and it’s challenging the safety of how I have lived for a number of years.

It feels like I’ve been on an ice rink, surrounded by a perspex barrier and, for many years, I have wanted something on the other side. But whenever I skated towards it I was held back by something I couldn’t see.

Sometimes I felt frustrated, trapped and depressed and at others, I just got on with my life. But throughout I felt safe. It was familiar and comfortable.

Now I feel I have somehow skated through a gap. I am on the same rink but I am outside the barrier.

I having been skating forward, into new territory. But this week I feel like I’ve been holding onto the fence whilst eyeing up the gap. I’m not tempted to skate back through it but I’m loath to let go my handhold.

I’m practising being OK with that – to just take a breather. But I feel I am only delaying the moment when I will have to let go and skate free.

And right there lies the source of my discomfort. The phrase “have to”.

I am split. Part of me holding on to all that is familiar and part of me yearning for something else unseen. And with the unseen comes the feelings of danger but also the excitement of life.

How can I tap into the excitement and (not sure what verb to use here – overcome, ignore, conquer?) the fear?

. . . . . .

And . . . briefly I am there.

I am excited that change is afoot. I am aware of being in this place for the first time in my life and that the barrier isn’t perspex after all. It is ice and it is melting.