The Trick Is To Get Out Of Bed

It was beautiful weather here in the UK, over the weekend, but I spent most of it in bed. Not sure why really except I felt like s**t and I just couldn’t make myself get up.

Sometimes, when the black cloud lifts, it feels like the cause was primarily hormonal, or bio-chemical because one day I suddenly don’t feel so bad. It’s not that I leap out of bed or anything but I wake without this heavy weight hanging over me. I woke like that this morning and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. But something else was different about yesterday compared with the weekend – I did some work. I took some action and achieved something. Maybe that’s the key, taking action, rather than it simply being a case of  “bad” chemicals.

But in order to take action you have to get out of bed and I still haven’t cracked that yet, if I’m feeling crap.  So, I need more strategies to get myself out of bed before the heavy feelings take a hold and I need to put those strategies in place when I’m feeling good. Will need to work on this.

In the meantime I came across this video today. Although it’s aimed at entrepeneurs it spoke to me of life in general. I think the question that’s unspoken at the beginning is “What do you find hard about being an entrepeneur?” Given that sometimes I struggle to even get out of bed it’s easy for me to change the question to “What do you find hard about living?” And Matt’s answers make wonderful sense to me. And, it’s such a relief to know that even someone as successful as he, finds it hard to keep going sometimes.

I love the thought that the idea you start with is not necessarily “It” but that by keeping going it will lead you to what you’re looking for. In a way that’s what I’m trying to do by writing this blog. I’m hoping that by following the process of daily life I will find something better I want to do. But, first, I have to get out of bed!