Three Principles Resources

Three of my favourite 3 Principle Resources.


This link goes to the resources page on the website of Jenny and Rudi Kennard. Lots of good stuff there but if you’re new to The Principles I recommend checking out the movie section for a good variety of interviews with experienced facilitators from around the world.


This site contains the recordings of the annual Three Principles conferences. Again, you’ll find a very wide selection of presentations by a selection of very experienced, international facilitiators who work in a variety of areas.

On this site you’ll also find a variety of videos of trainee facilitators leading group meetings and supervised by Aaron Turner. Lots of interesting perspectives and audience questions answered.


Interesting site covering The Principles at work in the community, headed by Ami Chen Mills-Naim. I particularly enjoy the recordings that can be found here.

My all time favourite book relating to The Three Principles is “Somebody Should Have Told Us” by Jack Pransky.