Whose Life Would You Buy?

There’s currently an auction on Ebay where a man is selling his “life” for 3.5 million dollars. The sale includes his video game store business, his waterfront home/office and contents, a rental condo, 3 cars, 3 kayaks, valuable collectibles and loads of other stuff. Apparently he’s wanting to take a trip with his family before starting his next business venture.

This sparked a discussion on local radio with people phoning in to say who’s life they’d like to buy.

It seemed like a fun question so I considered it myself. My initial choice was dismissed when I realised I wouldn’t want to be so busy and I didn’t like where this person lives.

My second choice would be risky because all I know of her life is what I see on the outside. I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

Then it hit me in a forehead smacking moment of clarity, I wouldn’t want to exchange my life for anyone else’s. No ones! And, having spent so much of the past in and out of depression that realisation feels pretty amazing.

Do you agree? Whose life would you buy or is yours the life you’d most like to live?

Feel free to leave a comment. 🙂